The strength of SISE is its network of leading institutions in the field of minimally-invasive surgery (MIS). All our partners contribute in the development and implementation the SISE programme.

Urological societies, universities and training centers play a crucial role in the dissemination of the SISE programme by local implementation of the SISE curriculum.

To comply to the latest developments in the surgical field we actively collaborate with Industry partners. Together with industry partners we work on safe implementation of new and existing technologies in the surgical field to ensure participants can learn and familiarise themselves with first-rate equipment.


Urological societies

Bulgarian Association of Urology

Croatian Society of Urology

Danish Urological Society

Philippine Urological Association

EAST AVE Medical Center Department of Urology

Polish Urological Society

Urological Association of Serbia

Ukrainian Urological Association

Industry partners

The following partners support the SISE programme