Female, Functional, & Neuro Urology


With training, the goal is to produce a surgeon who is highly competent and confident in performing functional and uro-gynaecology procedures; and thereby mitigate the risks of complications. Assessment of competences in functional urology has not been established yet, but is in progress.

The EAU Working Group on Female, Functional, & Neuro Urology is currently focusing on a standardised curriculum in 4 diagnostic and routine surgical procedures including

  • Invasive urodynamic studies
  • Standard retropubic synthetic sling (TVT)
  • Standard transobturator synthetic sling (TOT)
  • Sacral neuromodulation

The curriculum will be tested and validated with simulators during upcoming meetings.

EAU Working Group Female, Functional, & Neuro Urology

Chair: Véronique Phé (FR)
Salvador Arlandis (ES)
Marcio Averbeck (BR)
Mija Blaganje (SL)
Fabiana Cancrini (IT)
Sabrina De Cillis (IT)
Tanja Husch (DE)
Salima Ismail (FR)
Nadir Osman (GB)
Matthieu Peycelon (FR)
Tufan Tarcan (TR)


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