Urology Simulation Boot Camp for first year residents

For information on the Boot Camp, including exercise details and how to apply, please check out the brochure, HERE. 

This curriculum focuses on attaining proficiency in basic endoscopic urological procedures and common basic urological examination and emergency surgical procedures. Providing basic technical skills for Urology Residents, such as basic
laparoscopy, basic endoscopy of the upper and the lower urinary tract and basic transurethral resection, within the framework of a standardised training programme.

This boot camp programme gives learners the opportunity to participate in many hours of intense practice in a safe and non-threatening environment, without compromising patient care. A boot camp, in the context of medical education, is a focused course designed to enhance learning, orientation, and preparation for learners entering a new clinical role. This is achieved through the use of multiple educational methods with a focus on deliberate practice with formative feedback. Essential components of an effective boot camp are

  • Ratio = 1 trainer : 1 trainee : 1 training station (where applicable)
  • Training at a transition period (new role)
  • Opportunity to practice skills & observational learning
  • Distributed practice session
  • Feedback and assessment

EAU Organising Committee:
Tiago Ribeiro De Oliveira(PT)
Ben Van Cleynenbreugel (BE)
Chandra Shekhar Biyani (GB)


St James’s University Hospital