Transurethral treatment training – Step 1

Transurethral treatment - Step 1 (TUTs1)

The basic Transurethral treatment training course is the first step in the Transurethral Treatment (TUT) curriculum. This comprehensive training is specifically tailored for urologists who want to gain a basic level of knowledge in transurethral treatment and wish to improve their proficiency in key techniques for transurethral treatment. The training focuses on crucial basic skills, including flexible cystoscopy, enabling participants to adeptly navigate the lower urinary tract; rigid cystoscopy , emphasizing accurate anatomical identification and bladder neck visualization; bladder biopsy, to practice precise specimen collection and minimizing complications; resection loop handling for safe and effective tumour resection; and direct vision internal urethrotomy skills to address urethral strictures with precision.

Training aim

The primary objective of this course is to enhance participants’ skills in transurethral treatment, focusing on key aspects such as depth perception, hand-eye coordination, control, handling, and overall technique. By the end of the course, attendees should feel more competent and confident in moving to the next step of the curriculum.

Step 2

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Step 3

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