Endoscopic Stone Treatment - Step 2 (ESTs2)

The Intermediate Endoscopic Stone Treatment Training (ESTs2) provides a comprehensive hands-on skills training that equips medical professionals with the expertise needed to effectively manage urinary stone cases. Participants engage in four key tasks during the training: first, mastering ureteral-stone fragmentation techniques, where they learn to safely break down stones obstructing the ureter; second, honing their skills in kidney-stone relocation, which involves precise navigation to reposition stones within the kidney for better access; third, perfecting the art of stone dusting, where they delicately pulverize kidney stones into fine particles using laser or pneumatic methods; and finally, concluding with a stone-free revision, ensuring that no residual stones remain in the urinary system. This training empowers trainees with more proficiency and confidence to bring to their practice.

Training aim

This training curriculum has the goal to provide the clinician with proficiency skills in the treatment of urinary stones with endoscopic techniques. This protocol has been designed following a very strict process, in order to mitigate the risks of complications related to the learning curve process. Moving along the different tasks and training steps, the participant will learn how to use the different instruments and technologies

  • Hands-on Training.
  • The management of equipment.
  • The standardised technical approach of a urological procedure.
  • Surgical strategy and benchmarks for certain urological indications.
  • Management of critical details related to a urological procedure.

Step 1

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Step 3

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